If You Have Ghosts Then You Have Everything - Melanie MacDonald

Don't Read This If You're A Woodpecker

This series of paintings is based on imagery from a pair of scrapbooks made anonymously during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Small Feats 2014

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Beaver - Melanie MacDonald

Niagara Artist's Water Studies

The reflective surfaces and compositions and this sort of camouflage of some of these creatures, I enjoyed finding the patterns in the landscape and zooming in on those.

DO NOT PASS GO: Melanie MacDonald Opening Tonight

A suite of hyper-real paintings depicting board games — and Monopoly in particular — in extreme close-up, MacDonald’s board’s-eye view gives these familiar amusements an arresting sense of formalist gravity.
Free Dog - Melanie MacDonald

Interview with Mike Landry in Things Of Desire

The show is a dozen paintings of Monopoly boards. They’re partly inspired by an episode in the final season of the Sopranos where a fight breaks out between Bobby and Tony during a Monopoly game. Tony ends up with Monopoly houses and hotels stuck to his face.