Art Auction – Niagara Artists Centre – 13 August 3 PM

By August 3, 2022News


On Saturday 13 August NAC is hosting an auction of one of our most beloved members, Nick Treanor, also known as “Papa Tee”. To do it up right, we’re hosting a party at NAC that spills out onto the street and features an exhibit of Nick’s unparalleled collection of visual art, the sale and live auctioning of select works from the collection, as well as some of the more interesting curiosities in Nick’s collection. We’re capping it with a performance by one of Nick’s favourite bands on St. Paul Street, the Woodshed Orchestra who will perform from the mobile stage we’ve name after him: the Papa Tee Show Mobile. There was nothing Nick loved more than a great art exhibit and a band playing to a happy crowd. In his honour, this event delivers both. All are welcome!!

Live Auction and Remarks

Silent Auction + Art Sale


The Woodshed Orchestra

Read more about Papa Tee here.


I met Nick Treanor on the Mikado patio, a downtown St.Catharines dive bar, over 20 years ago. I was there with my friend Ernest Harris Jr who was gearing up for an exhibit at The Angell Gallery in Toronto. We made fast friends with Nick. He was open, funny, endlessly curious about us, and memorably dressed in a pair of very short sport shorts and a deep cut tank, a daring outfit for anyone, let alone a man in his late sixties.

That we were artists and were having exhibits was of great interest to Nick. The next night Ern and I went to Toronto for the opening reception arriving at the gallery a little past fashionably late. When we got there, gallery owner Jamie Angell came spilling out the front doors to let Ern know that a gentleman had just purchased two of his paintings, had left, and was walking down the street. Was this really the eccentric guy in the shorts we had met the night before? When Nick turned back to us he flashed an impish smile and waved, seemingly pleased with himself and on his way to grab the bus back to Niagara.

We got used to Nick being early at exhibits and events. He would go to great lengths to be the first in line at a fundraiser, the first arrival at an exhibit reception, always wanting to meet and engage with the artist, and of course, purchase a piece or two. Over the years, he encouraged so many young artists in the early stages of their careers, myself included. Nick came to be one of my biggest collectors and a dear friend to both Steve and myself, my family,  and the NAC’s large extended family.

Nick died last year just shy of his 90th birthday. He left behind a vast collection of art and collectibles. His house was jammed with paintings, sculptures, antiques, books, teddy bears, wicker baskets — every surface a shifting topography of things on top of one another.

The Niagara Artists Centre will host an auction of over 250 selected art works and curiosities from Nick’s collection. Both the members’ gallery and the Show Room gallery will be used to display the work. The live auction will begin at 3PM on Saturday 13 August.  There will also be some items for sale on NAC’s website. We’ve started hanging the show and an online catalogue can be seen HERE. There will also be a performance by one of Nick’s favourite bands, The Woodshed Orchestra.

I hope that in the spirit of Nick’s insatiable curiosity and zest for life, you’ll consider attending this event. It’s open to everyone, and it would be great to find good homes for the art that brought him so much pleasure!