Board Games

Artist Statement

Monopoly was the starting point for this series—a suggestion from a friend—and I expanded it to include Trouble, slot hockey, Chinese Checkers, and some more obscure games. The later Monopoly paintings are partly inspired by Episode 78 of the Sopranos TV series final season, entitled, “Soprano Home Movies”. In it, Tony and his wife Carmela spend a weekend at his sister Janice and brother-in-law Bobby Bacala’s cottage. During a game of Monopoly, an argument ensues over the rules and a fight erupts between Bobby and Tony. The game board is upset in the brawl and Tony loses the fight, ending up on the floor with game pieces stuck to his face. I’ve created chaotic scenes of the board in disarray—the game suspended in a state of disorder before it begins or having come to an abrupt, messy ending.