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Niagara Artists Centre Fundraiser

By April 4, 2017November 22nd, 2020News

Saturday 8 April 2017
Doors at 8PM / VIP Preview at 7:40PM*

Largest Art Exhibit + Sale in Niagara (354 St.Paul Street)

We’re gearing up for the biggest art-buying frenzy and party of the year!
We put the call out to the artist members of NAC to create remarkable works of art and they responded!  We’ve got more submissions than ever.
While we’re still offering up sweet square foot works of art for $200, we’ve added an even smaller option to this year’s wall. Pick up 6”x 8” original artwork for $100.

We broke the mould for this year’s SMALL FEATS. NEW to the MIX along with the Small Feats (one square foot) are Tiny Feats @ $100 (less than a square foot) and Big Feats @ $800 (way bigger than a square foot)!

I will be donating 100% to my favourite artist-run centre (which includes 3 Small Feats and a Big Feat).