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Set Painting for Neil Young Concert with RAMM Design Labs

By December 5, 2017November 22nd, 2020News

Thanks to RAMM Design Labs and Adam CK Vollick  for involving me in the painting of the set for the HOME TOWN Neil Young Concert that took place in Omemee, Ontario December 1st.

I am still recovering from the excitement of the last couple of weeks which included sitting front row at this intimate performance. If I was to have stretched my legs they would have touched Neil’s piano stool, I still get butterflies thinking about it. It’s kind of like what my friend Mike said about getting this gig, “Wow, that makes every choice you made in life complete and utterly right”.

The inspiration for the set backdrop was based on the town emblem that was designed, drawn and originally painted by Coleen Sadler in 1974. Coleen was commissioned by the Omemee council to celebrate Omemee’s centenary as it was incorporated in 1874.  The emblem shows all things relating to Omemee – Mount Nebo (in the back), the old mill, the dam, the bridge, and the pigeon in the forefront (the word “Omemee” is based on a Mississauga word meaning “pigeon”). The Omemee council had the emblem on several items including pins, mugs, thermometers, postcards and even the “Welcome to Omemee” road sign.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures and reading about the show see